Interior Architecture  - Design and Execution

Elevating Moments,
Sparking Emotions

MarieClaire Mrad
Meet Marie Claire Mrad, a distinguished interior architect renowned for her exceptional talent in concept creations and executions that transcend the ordinary.
Why we exist?

We create spaces that transcend mere aesthetics, becoming immersive narratives that weave stories, kindle feelings, and shape experiences.

Amplifying Your Vision

Forget the frustration of managing multiple designers who miss the mark. We're your one-stop solution, distilling your aspirations into spaces that elevate your experience.
Efficiency Through Design

Don't let your space hinder your business operations. Our mastery of design not only dazzles the eye but enhances functionality, eliminating the need for costly revisions and keeping budgets on track.
Authenticity in Design

No more copying generic concepts that fail to reflect who you are. Our approach hinges on understanding you, infusing every nook with authenticity that makes your space unmistakably yours.
What sets us apart?

Whether it's an avant-garde restaurant or a chic urban dwelling, we're here to design your vision to vibrant life.

Concept to Reality
We don't just craft concepts; we breathe life into them. Our seamless process translates imagination into tangible reality. Every step is carefully overseen, ensuring your space emerges exactly as you envisioned.
Bespoke Lighting
Illuminate your space with unique flair. Our tailor-made lighting designs don't just brighten rooms; they infuse them with a distinct ambiance that lingers in memory.
Captivating Bars
Whether it's a restaurant or a home, our distinctive bar spaces become centerpieces that captivate guests. From trendy aesthetics to functional layouts, these areas ignite conversations and create unforgettable experiences.
Crafted Exclusivity
Let your imagination run wild with custom-made products that mirror your style. From furniture to product, we transform your ideas into tangible expressions that tells your story.
Our Projects

Crafting Lifescapes - Each project we undertake is a testament to our philosophy: Elevating Moments, Sparking Emotions

Concept Creation and Execution
Alvorada Villa

A luxurious villa nested in the Arabian Ranches in Dubai radiates modern charm with an edgy interior.

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Concept Creation and Execution
The Cask & Barrel

Inspired by the art of whisky making, this premium spirits boutique captures the essence and identity of each brand, highlighting it in its context.

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